Step 1

You rent the bike and we deliver it to you!

Step 2

We provide fresh raw ingredients.

Step 3

Your team pedals & turns it all into delicious healthy food.


Our Mission

is to use the unique pleasure of the Sweetcycle to make the connection between energy and raw ingredients physically engaging; to make the act of creating delicious food with your community relate more closely to the need for healthy sustainable food systems.


See It In Action




Gelato at Rock The
Bike in Oakland

Watch as Sweetcycle’s chef Kate Zuckerman teaches the folks at Rock The Bike in Oakland, CA how to make egg-less gelato.

Making Aioli on
the Sweetcycle

Sweetcycle’s chef makes porcini aioli with pasta on the Hemsley Building Terrace in New York, NY.


Cinnamon-Coffee Frappe
in High Heels

New coffee break idea: Pedal powered Cinnamon-caramel coffee frappe on the Sweetcycle!

Kathie Lee and Hoda
Blend Frose

Kathie Lee and Hoda enjoy celebratory Frose on the Sweetcycle for Kathie Lee’s goodbye to NBC party. Ingredients: Giff Rose, grapefruit, strawberry, kumquat, rosemary.


Princeton Alumni
Weekly with Kate

Kate’s Interview on cheffing, Sweetcycle and the message behind pedal powered foods.

Pesto Race

Corporate pesto race at the Brooklyn Grange Farm, Cilantro vs. Basil