Rent Just The Bike

The Sweetcycle is available to rent.  We will drop it off assembled at your location and show you how to use it.  The blender pitcher has a 40 ounce blending capacity.  And it takes less than a minute to pedal-blend a smoothie.  Multiple pitchers and bikes are available.  The bike has an adjustable seat and easily accommodates adults and children, ages five and up.

Reserve a Fully-Staffed Sweetcycle Experience

We can bring the bike or multiple bikes to your event and assist you with blending your own menu of smoothies.


We can work with you to create a custom menu of smoothies, gelatos, dips, pesto, coffees or cocktails and come to your event with 1-2 bikes and staff and blend our ingredients with your guests or clients.



Host a Sweetcycle Workshop

We will bring the bike to your location and teach a cooking class for 6-25 guests or clients with the Sweetcyle as the focal point.  All participants will actively participate in the preparation of gelatos, sorbets, pestos, creamy dressings, aiolis or cocktails.  See the workshop link to read more about how these classes are organized.