Host Sweetcycle bikes for your event or activation: health and wellness day, wedding, corporate event, school fair, conference, religious event, Earth Day celebration, STEAM fair, farm party or cooking demonstration or workshop.

Pedal the blender or ice cream churn with your community of friends, family, co-workers or students and make healthy, homemade fruit smoothies, gelatos, cocktails, and pestos!

We can supply the bikes, staff, instructors, raw ingredients, and recipes or you can just rent the bike.  We teach interactive cooking classes and workshops using the Sweetcycle.  See the Faq's page for questions about logistics and services.



Two videos: Porcini Aioli and Gelato at Rock The Bike in Oakland

Porcini Aioli on the Sweetcycle

Watch as experienced Pedal Power chef Kate Zuckerman of Brooklyn-based Sweet Cycle coaches audience members to process and then freeze ice cream custard with Rock The Bike's new Icycleta Ice Cream Bike attachment. Using a special mixture of natural thickeners, Zuckerman shows how to make delicious ice cream without egg yolks -- easier and cheaper than french custard.



This configuration allows riders to churn and produce a gallon of gelato every hour, 20 minutes of pedaling and 35 minutes of chilling! Have a look here for flavor offerings!


This configuration allows for riders to blend frothy smoothies in 1 minute. Allow a minute to mount and dismount the bike, so 3 minutes in total per rider.  Blends 24-36 oz. of smoothies per ride. Frozen cocktails and pestos are also options. Have a look here for our blended offerings.




“Kate is super knowledgeable about sustainable cooking. We had a great time using the Sweetcycle at our party!“
- Andy A.