I am committed to making a connection for children and adults between what we eat, where it comes from and how what we eat affects the land we live on. There is no better way to register these connections about food and its origin than to actively participate in its preparation— and make delicious, healthy, and beautiful food to eat. Making gelato and smoothies on the bike engages every pedaler in the playful preparation of mouthwatering combinations but it also impresses upon each rider how much energy is needed.
— Please read “Pedaling for Change” to learn more about how Kate has developed her gelato recipes.

Kate Zuckerman -- pastry chef, savory chef, cooking instructor, recipe tester, cookbook author, avid commuter/cargo cyclist acquired the ice cream/blender bike from her cousin Paul, inventor, musician, bike enthusiast and founder of Rock the Bike.  

A veteran NYC chef who cares deeply about what people eat, their health and the world around them, Kate brings the Sweetcycle experience to events and gatherings as an activation to draw children and adults into a conversation about tasty food, diet, exercise and the environment. Because of the interactive nature of pedaling the Sweetcycle while simultaneously making something delicious to eat or drink, riders are compelled to ask questions about energy, raw ingredients and how to prepare flavorful fresh food. This communal, physically engaging activity stimulates participants memory, helping them to make lasting changes to their diets while smiling.

After receiving her B.A. from Princeton in Cultural Anthropology in 1993, Kate began her career as a savory line cook in Boston and slowly integrated pastry and dessert making into her work after relocating to San Francisco.  In 1996, Kate traveled abroad and finished a pastry internship in Paris.  Back in New York City in 1997, Kate worked as a pastry chef at catering companies, restaurants, and finally at the beloved Chanterelle in its last 10 years.  


While at Chanterelle, Bullfinch Press, a division of Hachette, published her debut cookbook, The Sweet Life: Desserts from Chanterelle, in Fall 2006.  Featuring a full range of her flavor-focused recipes, The Sweet Life provides a deep understanding of the techniques of the pastry kitchen, while enriching the reader’s experience with detailed notes on the science of desserts, histories of Kate’s most adored ingredients, and tips on how to use the five senses to produce the most delectable creations.

As a pastry chef, Kate was guided by an overriding belief in the centrality of simple, pure, complementary flavors.  Her plated desserts featured fresh, seasonal ingredients, cleanly executed design, and textural contrasts.

Since leaving Chanterelle in 2009, Kate has freelanced as a chef, teaching and cooking for small events.  She has taken classes in soil science, plant biology, and plant identification.  After years of working in the food industry, handling vegetables and fruits from all over the world, watching and participating in how they are processed, cooked, presented, stored, wasted and perceived, Kate is now focused on education and awareness about our precious food supply.  Kate founded Sweetcyclebrooklyn in the fall of 2016.