The smoothie/ ice cream bicycle was invented by the bike people at Rock The Bike, where Kate’s cousin Paul Freedman is the founder and chief operating creator.  The folks at Rock The Bike are inventors and advocates working away in a “sweet” workshop in Oakland, California, pushing the limits of bike culture.  Their mission is to get people in touch with their ability to make a real, lasting, impact on the ongoing climate crisis, through Pedal Powered event activities and products that help Bike People shine in their communities.    

Bicycle enthusiasts at Rock the Bike uphold that bringing Pedal Power to your event increases the fun and participation while decreasing the use of diesel generators, extension cords, and batteries. This instantly gets your group moving, breathing, and active. People are more likely to loosen up, enjoy themselves, and learn something new when their body is engaged.  They have spent the last 8 years developing Pedal Powered activities that help everyday people experience their power to make change. From 1- bike stations like Bike Blenders to 20-bike concert systems where groups have to work together to enjoy a shared result, Pedal Power rocks! They do the hard work of engineering products and systems that are safe, dependable, educational, and fun. You bring in your local community and group and share the gift of human power with people for the first time.