Kate Zuckerman, chef and owner of the Sweetcycle, prepares all the raw ingredients and ice cream bases for Sweetcycle events. 


Local food: Kate prefers to buy local produce and vegetables whenever possible.  Having fun, enjoying concoctions of local, seasonal food is the Sweetcycle. 


Organic: 95-100% organic raw ingredients are available.  Just ask.  Be aware that sometimes 100% organic means purchasing from “Big Box Organic.”  There may be adjustments in price.   


Organic and local: Obviously this is ideal but not always possible.  I am happy to provide the details of where the produce and dairy products come from. 


Vegan: We are happy to make vegan pestos, smoothies and ice creams.  Just let us know.  For vegan ice cream, I generally use a mixture of coconut milk and homemade cashew milk as a base.  For vegan smoothies, I use a homemade coconut-rice milk.


Low fat:  Low fat ice cream is challenging.  Our ice cream definitely contains cream.  However, our ice cream has more milk than cream compared to other recipes: it is lower in fat than most premium ice creams.   For smoothies, though we generally use full fat local yogurt, we are happy to accommodate your needs and purchase low or non-fat yogurt. 


Frozen fruit: We often use frozen berries and frozen cut up fruits in our smoothies and ice creams.  We believe that seasonal, local fruit is optimal but sometimes, out of season, frozen fruit yields less of a carbon footprint than fruits carefully packaged from far away places that remain refrigerated for their whole shelf life.  Frozen fruit does not have to be carefully packaged before freezing.  It can be compacted into bags that take up much less volume than fresh fruit, and it is less fragile, requiring less packaging.  And also shipped fruit has to be picked and packed before it fully ripens, whereas frozen fruit, which is less susceptible to damage, can be picked and frozen at the peak of ripeness, yielding a more fully flavored fruit.  Lastly, there is a tremendous amount of waste in the fresh fruit shipment and sales process. 


Kosher food: We do not have a separate kosher blender top or ice cream canister.  Both parts that we own, however, are only used for dairy.  If you want to purchase a new blender pitcher or ice cream canister, we can tell you where to get them.  I can arrange to prepare the ingredients in a hechshered kosher kitchen. 


Allergies/Nuts: We use nuts and dairy in our preparations.  I am happy to carefully clean our blender tops and not use nuts and/or dairy for a specific event, but even so, we cannot absolutely guarantee that there will be no contamination.  If you want to purchase a new blender pitcher or ice cream canister, we can tell you where to get them.  And I am happy to come to your home and to prepare the ingredients in your allergen free environment.