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Sweetcycle is a stationary blender bike that turns raw ingredients into delicious, nutritious treats. The Sweetcycle bike comes to your event and cultivates curiosity around food, health, and energy.


What our clients say:

Engaging, fun, sustainable, and delicious! Partnering with SweetCycle has been an effective way of bringing community together for out-of-the-box shared experiences. Kate is a true culinary innovator and an absolute pleasure to work with. The inclusion of pedal-powered pop-ups has become a featured aspect to our social programming initiatives. Cheers!
— Justin LaCoursiere
Director of Digital Communications & Social Programming,RXR Realty
We’ve enjoyed working with Sweetcycle for several years and counting! We host a lot of events at our venue, and love being able to put our clients in touch with Kate when they’re looking to add a fun, delicious, engaging, extra special something to to their event! Kate is easy to work with and can create a custom menu to suite a diverse range of client needs.
— Michele Kaufman,
Director of Events, Brooklyn Grange
Working with Kate and her company, Sweetcycle, has been a fantastic experience. Clients and customers especially love that she creates all of her recipes from scratch.
— Wendy Nikitiades
Engagement Consultant, Cigna Health Care
Sweetcycle takes our employees on a nostalgic and joyful spin at our Corporate health fair. Chef and owner, Kate Zuckerman combines delightful and healthy ingredients and shares an innovative and interactive experience with a sweet reward at the end of each ride.
— Julie Wong
Benefits Manager, Information builders